40 Watt Sun’s debut album ‘The Inside Room’ was released in 2011 to widespread critical acclaim. Tours of the USA and Europe followed as well as notable one-off festival performances at Roadburn (NL), Getaway Rock (SWE), and Damnation (UK). Showcasing their musical dexterity the band also played a very well received acoustic set at the prestigious Savoy Theatre in Helsinki, Finland.

The band have since entered the studio to begin work on their much-anticipated second album. Marking a significant progression in songwriting and performance, both sparser in tone but retaining the emotional depth of the debut.

40 Watt Sun’s music takes the listener through many different spaces, the songwriting both powerful and intimate. There is a subtlety at play, defined by delicate guitar lines and introspective lyrical themes, underpinned by thoughtful flourishes of bass and held by the ebb and flow of drums. Eschewing the need for conventional structure, the songs wash over the listener in waves of melody, the down-tempo nature of the music sparse yet dense, dynamic without bombast, plaintive but strong. Carefully orchestrated instrumentation, coupled with unique and poignant vocals, ensure 40 Watt Sun’s music will stay with you long after the songs have finished.


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40 Watt Sun The Inside Room

"Pat Walker returns after the demise of Warning with 40 Watt Sun and delivers an album that can only be described as heartbreakingly beautiful." Roadburn (NL)

"Anyone with a pulse will call it truly affecting ...The Inside Room is something special." MSN Entertainment (US)

"It may still be early days but The Inside Room is a real contender for album of the year." Metal Hammer (UK)

"...this is music to sooth the spirit rather than heal it, to move mind rather than body." Kerrang! (UK)

"This is special music that transcends any genre boundaries, makes them meaningless. Awarding any album a perfect score is a bold statement but I genuinely wouldn’t change a single thing about “The Inside Room”. This is simply a beautiful album that deserves to be heard." Powerplay (UK)


  • Terrorizer - 8.5 / 10
  • Metal Hammer - 9 / 10
  • Rock Hard - 9 / 10
  • Kerrang! - KKKK
  • Scream Magazine - 5 / 6

  • Powerplay - 10 / 10
  • Big Five - 10 / 10
  • Powermetal.de - 10 / 10
  • Ancientspirit.de - 12 / 12
  • Metal Storm - Album of the Year 2011
  • Pitchfork - #4 Albums of the Year

  • Metal.de - 8 / 10
  • Sweden Rock Magazine - 8 / 10
  • Lastrit - 9.5 / 10
  • Inferno - 4 / 5
  • Decible - Top 10 Album of the Year


Restless performed at The Savoy Theatre, Helsinki, FInland.

Many thanks to:

Show production: Blow Up That Gramophone, Esa Valkeajärvi
Video crew: Heikki Suomi & Tumppi Helle

Editing: Saku Tamminen


A video of Jason Molina's 'Lioness', performed at The Savoy Theatre, Helsinki, October 2013

Many thanks to:

Show production: Blow Up That Gramophone, Esa Valkeajärvi
Video crew: Heikki Suomi & Tumppi Helle
Editing: Saku Tamminen

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